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that express your brand’s true value

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GOT OTHER wordy projects...

that could use the help of a professional writer?


Because let’s be frank – wrestling with words probably isn’t a good use of your time. Especially when you’ve got umpteen million other things to do, that are.


Plus, aside from the time factor, you want your copy to shine. To speak directly to your customers and clients in their language. To connect with the people who need what you have.


And that can be a struggle, especially if writing isn’t your thing. 

WELL, GOOD NEWS: it's my thing

I use my creative mind and word wizardry skills to write strategically-crafted, personality-packed, catchy copy that resonates with your people.

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WHAT KIND OF  copy & content writing PROJECTS CAN I HELP WITH?

Packaging copy

Product descriptions

Brand messaging - like mission, vision, values, brand stories

Lead magnets

Email copy

News stories + magazine articles

Business profiles + case studies

Books - not the novel kind. Think: recipe books, how-to guides and course booklets

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“I had a vision to share but didn’t know how to communicate it. I told Hannah my story and she came back to me with exactly what I needed. I own four businesses and it’s not very often I come across this level of service. Amazing job. I highly recommend.”

Arrianna Mathieson  |  Director, MMC Corporate

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