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But can’t I write my own copy?

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

You’re a busy business owner with loads on your plate. You’ve got invoices coming out your ears. You know using the right words to promote your business is important, but hiring a copywriter is just another cost you could do without.

Looking to hire a writer? Understand what you should expect from a good copywriter first.

Plus, you could probably whip something up yourself, couldn’t you? How hard could it really be?

You did pretty well at English in school. Besides, anyone can string some words together if they have the time, can’t they?

Sure. You could give it a go yourself. But good copywriting isn’t about slapping together some words and hoping for the best. Just like good design, photography or any other professional service, it takes careful thought and skill…if you want results.

Good copywriting is about using the right words in the right way to showcase your best side.

It’s also about speaking directly to your ideal customers in a way that draws them in, paints the best possible picture of what you have to offer, that's appropriate for the channel and in a tone of voice they will connect with.

Get it wrong and you risk turning potential customers away for good.

A good copywriter follows a formula

A good copywriter knows how to entice and engage the reader which often involves following a formula that’s suited to the context and objectives.

For example, it can be effective to start by showing the reader you understand their problem. Getting to the heart of their pain point gets their interest and makes them feel understood. Then, once you’ve got their attention, you put them at ease by providing your solution that will makes their lives better.

A good copywriter offers a fresh perspective

When you work on your business day in and day out it’s no wonder you become so ingrained in it that it’s hard to see it from a different angle.

An experienced copywriter will bring new ideas to your business.

A good copywriter can be a breath of fresh air. They will always approach it from the perspective of your target audience.

As they write, they have a picture in their head about specifically who will be consuming the content. As a result, each word is carefully chosen to connect with that person.

A good copywriter cuts the crap

Adding mountains of fluff that contribute nothing but hot air and confusion to your copy is one of the most common mistake people make when it comes to writing.

A good copywriter knows how to make each word count. Getting your point across with less makes your message much more powerful and memorable.

Of course, there are times when detail is necessary. But detail is different to gobbledygook. A good copywriter will give you guidance on when less is less and more is more.

A good copywriter brings excitement

Simplicity is important, but so is creativity when it comes to good copywriting. A good copywriter will have a bank of new and exciting ways of saying the same thing, built up from years of experience writing about all sorts of different topics.

They know how to tell stories, weave emotion and inject creativity into the content in order to bring your business to life and leave your readers wanting more.

Good copywriting is an investment

Getting your words right can do wonders for your brand, your credibility and your sales.

Of course, there are all sorts of copywriters out there with different levels of experience and skill.

Is hiring a copywriter worth the investment?

Generally, you get what you pay for. Do your research, look for testimonials and check out previous work. Chat with your copywriter to make sure they're a good fit before you get started.

It can be tempting to DIY your copy in an effort to save money, but the payoff for getting it right the first time will mean a far more engaged audience, positive reputation for your business, and a return on investment in the long-run.

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