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Client story: Wintec

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

About Wintec

Wintec is one of New Zealand's leading institutes of technology offering qualifications from certificate to postgraduate level across all sorts of disciplines like health, engineering, business, media arts and education. It also offers professional development programmes in New Zealand and internationally.


To write content for a brochure that would introduce readers to Wintec, while showcasing the range of professional development opportunities available for international clients. The target market was very specific (and different to its usual student market), so the language needed to be clear and the tone, mature and professional.


"The output was incredible. Everyone in our unit loved the collateral. From ideation to execution, the Two Sides team was very professional and timely.

They always ensured that the project was delivered to us ahead of the deadline and that was just amazing to see.

Anyone looking for high quality output, I would highly recommend Two Sides."

- Girish Nair (International Business Development Director)

Brochure content - front page

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