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My obsession with words

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Maybe coming from a family of 14 is what fuelled my obsession with words. There was always someone to talk to, a house full of chatter, something to debate, or a story to tell. Or maybe it was that the best way to get quiet time was to hide away with a good book.

Hamilton copywriter, Hannah McCreery, has been obsessed with words from a young age.

To me, stories were like magic created from nothing but thoughts. The enjoyment that could come from the right combination of words and a clever imagination amazed me.

As well as reading, I wrote. I entered my first short story competition when I was 10 and won. I knew I loved writing, but I didn’t know I was actually good at it.

Hannah when she was just 10 years old.
Me at 10 years old.

I remember meeting with a journalist when I was in high school and being in complete awe of her job. Being paid to write seemed like a dream to me. After that I decided I would have a career in words in one form or another.

I went off to uni, studied communications and took on a couple of volunteer writing gigs on the side, before landing my first communications role at a public relations agency. It involved a heap of writing and I was over the moon - I was getting paid to do what I loved.

Fast forward 10 years and I’ve continued to work in communications, spent a couple of years overseas, got married, bought a house and just recently welcomed our son Charlie into the world.

Hannah and her husband Jimmy on their wedding day.

I enjoy PR - it’s exciting, creative and brings huge value to organisations and individuals, but it’s the writing and story-telling side of it that’s most interesting to me. I’ve been writing for so long now that it feels like second nature, but at the same time it’s still a challenge which keeps it exciting.

I’d always liked the idea of being a freelance writer. I’d get to work with different clients, writing about all sorts of topics while learning something new with each one and doing what I loved every day. It was about a year ago that I seriously thought about making it a reality. It was a good time - I had the experience and the skills to be successful. Plus, now that we have Charlie, it’s important that I get to spend time at home with him, so I wanted to be flexible with my work. So I went for it, and here I am.

Hannah's little boy is the one of the main reasons she started her Hamilton freelance copywriting business.
This little man is one of the main reasons I started my copywriting business.

I spoke to an accountant, a lawyer, other freelancers and mentors. I set up relationships with printers, photographers and designers, brainstormed business names and worked on all sorts of other behind-the-scenes admin to get things prepped and ready to go.

I chose the name Two Sides because it captures the idea that every message has multiple ways of being communicated. Stories have different angles and ways of being expressed. The words we choose to tell a story can have a huge influence on how it’s perceived. Two Sides is about telling stories, whether it’s creative, out-of-the-box content, or clear messages in plain English that cut through unnecessary jargon.

It’s a good feeling knowing that the many hours I spent planning for my business have made it a reality, that my obsession with words has morphed into this and that I now have the privilege of helping others to tell their stories.

To find out more about my professional background, check out my LinkedIn page.

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